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A message from our CEO

Since Nordson’s founding in 1954, we have held fast to Our Values of Integrity, Respect for People, Customer Passion, Excellence and Energy.  We recognize that managing our economic, environmental, social and governance impacts enhances our ability to continue creating and delivering positive results over the long term for all stakeholders.

We strive to create a culture where Nordson and its employees are consistently encouraged to do the right thing.  Since our inaugural Sustainability Report, we have sought to improve our formal documentation of this message.  For example, our new Human Rights Policy formally documents and builds on principles already deeply ingrained in our company, and our Policy on Political Activities and Contributions memorializes what has been our historic practice.  We recognize that formally documenting these principles benefits our stakeholders in a number of ways.  Increased transparency in our ethical and corporate responsibilities helps to improve employee engagement and retention; investors have more visibility into the societal and ethical impacts of their investments; and customers, vendors and suppliers are assured that they are dealing with a responsible counterparty.  Additionally, as our company has experienced significant organic and acquisitive growth, expanding our formal documentation ensures that our principles are communicated to all corners of our global footprint, and that we are held accountable in the event of any deviations.  Moving forward, we intend to continue to improve our formal documentation of social and ethical principles and practices to reflect our values and emerging best practices.

As a global technology and manufacturing company, we recognize that resource consumption is an area where sustainability initiatives are likely to dovetail with financial and operational benefits.  We have historically sought to be efficient in our resource consumption and minimize waste as a general principle.  Select examples of these efforts are discussed in our Sustainability Report and throughout our deposit poker online Room, including minimizing plastic packing for our Nordson EFD Film-Pak product, which earned us a nomination for Product of the Year by Assembly Magazine, and our innovative ProBlue Liberty ATS system, which earned a Green Packaging Star Award in the Production Process category.  Moving forward, we intend to work on a more formal approach to documenting our resource usage, beginning with efforts to more comprehensively track energy and water consumption in our primary United States manufacturing sites.

Our corporate responsibility and sustainability efforts are being led by a core team of commercial, legal, compliance and finance personnel, which is being supported by cross-functional personnel throughout the company.  

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about Nordson and understand our journey of responsibility and sustainability.,table games online 3 card poker